Episode 16

5 Spiritual Lessons from Action Selection Games


October 16th, 2022

1 hr 7 mins 26 secs

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OPENING GAME - Rock-Paper-Scissors/Roshambo

CELEBRATION - Had first newsletter this week!

INTRO TO MAIN TOPIC - what is an action selection game?
GrenadierBG on Discord recommends Adam in Wales video

MAIN TOPIC - Spiritual Lessons from Action Selection Games

  1. Taking initiative can be important.

  2. Taking actions can deny resources to others.

  3. Taking actions can also provide opportunities for others.

  4. You cannot control what others do. You can only control yourself.

  5. You must do what is urgent and important in action selection, which is a great human time management lesson.

NEXT EPISODE: Adrian Adamescu, designer of Sagrada, Dice Theme Park, 7 Summits, Titanic Board Game


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