Episode 28

Spiritual Lessons of Negotiation Games

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Spiritual Lessons of Negotiation Games

  1. Healthy Rules and Freedom Existing Side-by-Side Helps Us to Be Creative and Joyful. The best part of negotiation games for me (Daniel) is the free for all, the creativity, especially in contrast to the rules. Think about the Apostle Paul writing about the joy of freedom against the backdrop of the law.
  2. Learn about others – when you play with the same people you know their style and bluffing
  3. Negotiating a Conflict is a Short Cut to Identifying the Core Values Beneath the Conflict. 1 Kings 3:16-28 - King Solomon & Baby
  4. There Can be More Important Measures of Success than just Personal Gain. Personal satisfaction is not always the best measure of a good outcome. Interconnection can be more important than personal glory. Matthew 22:38 - Love neighbor as (as being) yourself.

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