Episode 32

Ameritrash vs. Euro Board Games, which is better?

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Define Ameritrash and Euro, what is the experience like, how do they work?

The promise and problem of player elimination (Monopoly, Chess, Checkers, Risk)

Direct versus indirect competition

Excitement of “dudes on a map”

Ameritrash risk and explosive moments, Interaction, luck, can be mean

War gaming is a variant (and how board games began) – Root! Root! Root!

Euro is more about resource management (Tapestry, Caracassonne, Wingspan, Feast for Odin)

How are they good for the soul?

Euro stresses planning, focus, no player elimination, safe themes

Focus on bettering self not putting others down; models helpful skills for today’s world; encourages non-dualistic thinking

Ameritrash stresses conflict, high stakes, sweet victories and moments, possibly fun defeats, good memories

** Our contest ends June 15! You can be entered to win some awesome prizes by posting a photo of yourself and a favorite game at your place of worship on Instagram with the hastag #boardgamefaith.


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