Episode 34

Games with Religious Themes, with Alice Connor


July 9th, 2023

1 hr 11 mins 10 secs

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About this Episode

Alice is the author of several books. http://aliceconnor.com/#about-the-author. She also writes for Daily Worker Placement, including a series titled “Playing at Religion”, and co-hosts the podcast "Table Talk."

Defining a Religiously Themed Game

Your definition: “One whose theme is primarily but not exclusively exploring the practice, history, or theology of any religion or spiritual tradition.”

Some examples

  1. The Settlers of Zarahemla
  2. Ierusalem: Anno Domini
  3. Ezra and Nehemiah (forthcoming)
  4. Nicaea

What Makes a Great Religious-Themed Game?

  1. It succeeds at what it’s trying to do.
  2. It explores its theme complexly and appropriately for its weight.
  3. It is joyous.
  4. It comforts the player and/or exhorts them to a higher good.

Your hypothesis: “Games that tend to intend to convince the player of something tend to be worse than games that play in the space.”

What are Our Top 3 Religiously Themed Games?

Kevin: Frostpunk, Freedom: The Underground Railroad, Sleeping Gods
Daniel: Red Cathedral, Biblios, Heaven & Ale
Alice: Acts of the Evangelists, Nuns on the Run, Zen Tiles

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