Episode 40

Personal Growth through Solo Board Games, with Liz Davidson


October 8th, 2023

1 hr 7 mins 17 secs

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We all know what it’s like to play games with other people. But did you know that more and more games every year give you the opportunity to play them by yourself? And we’re not just talking solitaire here. We’re talking multi-player games with a solo mode—as well as games that are designed to be played by only one person. They can be small games with boxes you can hide under a dinner roll, to epic sprawling experiences that you lay out on your table and leave there till Christmas.

So what does it mean to play alone, and what lessons can we learn from the experience? This week we are thrilled to welcome Dr. Liz Davidson, from the Beyond Solitaire podcast, to discuss these questions—and more!—on Board Game Faith, the biweekly show exploring the intersection of spirituality, religion, and board games!

Introducing Dr. Liz Davidson

  • PhD from Yale University in Ancient Christianity in 2014
  • Has taught on the high school and college level in Latin, Greek, English, and Math
  • Is currently a Latin teacher at Parkview High School in Atlanta, GA, where she lives
  • Has a website, YouTube channel, and podcast, Beyond Solitaire

What are the personal benefits to solo board gaming?

  • So much of board games, popularly understood, is their social aspect – competition, shared narratives and experiences, socializing with others.
  • What it means to play alone, in terms of learning to enjoy your own company. Should people practice spending time with themselves? 

Historical Games

  • I have a historical background (Ph.D. in Ancient Christianity, to be precise). How does that inform my understanding of historical gaming? (Especially games on religious topics?)
  • What are some good historical games, and can history ever be represented in a game?

Solo Gaming & Ethics
Does solo board gaming open up a different range of ethical possibilities in play? Would you treat an automated opponent differently than a human one?

Favorite Solo Games!

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