Episode 47

A/V Club: Roleplaying the End of the World


January 25th, 2024

56 mins 16 secs

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About this Episode

We discuss the concept of surviving in a post-apocalyptic world and how it relates to games and life. YouTube's @PeopleMakeGames explored Wasteland Weekend, a unique event where thousands of people role-play life in a post-apocalyptic setting. We delve into the idea of playing the wrong game and the importance of being present in the moment, the point of a game, and the cost of community.

The conversation explores the themes of belonging in the family of God, the importance of vulnerability and shared burdens, earning the right to belong in a community, the logistics and planning of Wasteland Weekend, the value of sacrifice in building community, the role of community in houses of worship, the experience of shared vulnerability in authentic community, the cost of community and the risk of getting hurt, the value of grace and the cost of investment, the fascination with post-apocalyptic themes, the ancient origins of apocalyptic literature, the hopeful and revealing nature of post-apocalyptic stories, exploring human nature in post-apocalyptic narratives, poking at our fears and meditating on who we are, the Book of Revelation as an ancient apocalyptic narrative, the connection between survival and being a decent human being, the importance of kindness and decency in survival, the symbolism of burying the dead in post-apocalyptic stories, the sublime and ridiculous nature of post-apocalyptic themes, and expressing hope and excitement for creative and community-building endeavors.

Corrected link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bW6EYmRX7wk&t=3s


  • Surviving in a post-apocalyptic world requires different skills and mindsets.
  • Playing the wrong game can prevent us from fully experiencing and enjoying the present moment.
  • Community is not free, but it is worth the investment of time and energy.
  • Games can teach us valuable lessons about life, including the importance of strategy and being present. Belonging in a community requires vulnerability and shared burdens.
  • Authentic community is built on sacrifice and investment.
  • Post-apocalyptic themes fascinate us because they reveal our fears and explore human nature.
  • Survival in post-apocalyptic stories often involves acts of kindness and decency.
  • Creative and community-building endeavors give us hope and excitement.


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