Episode 52

Stages in Board Game Collecting

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About this Episode

We explore the concept of seasons in the context of board gaming and life, and discuss the origins of the phrase "this too shall pass" and its relevance to the changing nature of emotions and experiences. Daniel and Kevin share their personal gaming stages and how their approach to board games has evolved over time. The conversation concludes with a reflection on the importance of selectivity and finding contentment in the games we already own. We discuss their evolving gaming preferences and the stages of faith. We explore the enjoyment of lighter and quicker games, the appreciation for simple solo games, and the adaptation to changing gaming preferences. We also draw parallels between stages of faith and stages of gaming, reflecting on the journey from zealousness to a holistic approach. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the continued enjoyment of games and the avoidance of jadedness.


  • Gaming preferences can evolve over time, with a shift towards lighter and quicker games.
  • Simple solo games can provide a peaceful and meditative experience.
  • Adapting to changing gaming preferences and finding enjoyment in different types of games is important.
  • There are parallels between stages of faith and stages of gaming, with a journey from zealousness to a holistic approach.
  • Continued enjoyment of games requires avoiding jadedness and appreciating the role of play in the larger human experience.


00:00 Introduction
02:01 The Origins of the Topic
03:02 The Concept of Seasons
04:22 The Story of "This Too Shall Pass"
06:21 The Wisdom of Ecclesiastes
09:17 Personal Gaming Stages
12:22 Discovering Board Game Geek
13:34 The Magic of Board Games
15:17 Rediscovering the Magic
24:16 Transition to Selectivity
28:02 Realizing the Need for Selectivity
30:12 Preference for Lighter and Quicker Games
30:57 Enjoyment of Simple Solo Games
33:18 Adapting to Changing Gaming Preferences
36:18 Appreciation for Game Setup and Learning
37:35 Stages of Faith and Stages of Gaming
46:15 Connecting Games to Life and Faith
49:07 Reflections on Becoming the Person You Once Judged
53:08 Continued Enjoyment of Games and Avoiding Jadedness
57:13 Upcoming Episode: Book Club and Special Announcement

Daniel's stages/approaches of gaming

  • Trusting - You just trust what others tell you (games are for kids)
  • Zealous - You dig deep into the particular details and embrace them and defending them as world-defining. (Tell others about types of games.)
    • Sectarian - This thing unites and defines your particular people. (You find your peeps and you celebrate what makes your group unique.)
    • Personal - You own this thing for yourself. You question it, make it your own. (Finding your own gaming style; doesn't have to be like others.)
    • Connecting - You see how this thing is connected to other things. It doesn't exist in a vacuum. (How do games relate to other things in life.)
    • Holistic - This thing is just part of a larger whole. (Gaming is part of a the larger mystery of life)

NEXT TIME - Book Club: Simeon Zahl Article, "Play and Freedom: Patterns of Life in the Spirit"