Episode 54

Sam Macdonald on Game Design and Faith

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About this Episode

Sam Macdonald of Garphill Games discusses his religious journey and board game philosophy. Sam explores the connections between board game design and religious faith, especially in the areas of community, self-expression, rules, fun, and the joy of discovery. We also take a stab at potential games based on Biblical stories.


Game design can reflect the heart of God by promoting fellowship, agency, following rules, and having fun.
The Art of Discovery in games, with hidden gems and Easter eggs, can create a sense of enjoyment and excitement for players.
Game design can provide opportunities for players to express themselves creatively and explore different strategies.
Following rules in games and in life can lead to a more peaceful and joyful experience.
The intersection of games and faith offers unique opportunities for exploration and growth. Finding new strategies and paths to victory in board games can be a fun and rewarding experience.
The Bible contains hidden meanings and connections between passages that can be discovered through deep reading and study.
Games can facilitate fellowship and problem-solving, providing a safe environment to solve problems and feel a sense of mastery.
The art of discovery can also be found in reading scriptures, where the Holy Spirit can illuminate truth to the reader.
Designing biblical-themed games can be challenging, as it's important to balance creating enjoyable experiences with conveying a message.


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