Episode 7

Book Club! The Grasshopper ch. 3 and Defining Games


June 12th, 2022

55 mins 54 secs

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About this Episode

We make a new attempt at an episode opening – an improv skit with pirates playing Carcassone! We discuss Carcassone a bit, lionize the word "eschew" and life points in general, and wrestle with Bernard Suits' definition of a game: "the voluntary attempt to overcome unnecessary obstacles" (p. 43). Games require buy-in from participants who must agree to its rules, desire to best their competitors, and strive to be efficient within the games required inefficiencies. So how appropriate is it to conceive of God engaging in play and games? Kevin attempts to quote the Quran in thinking through God's delight in obstacles and complexities, and Daniel points to delight and grace. Shout out to @jtaultesq on Instagram for correctly identifying Concept in our Instagram quiz!


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